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Any intersted Ph.D candidate (Full Time) may contact Prof. C. K. Sarkar for further details


Prof. C. K. Sarkar became the new Co-ordinator of the IC Centre, Jadavpur University

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Dr. Chandan Kumar Sarkar
Fax: +91 33 2414 6217 / +91 3324146217
Mob: 9433808582
Email: phyhod@yahoo.co.in
CV: SRB_CV.pdf

Nano Device Simulation Laboratory
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
Jadavpur University
Kolkata-32, India

The Nano Device Simulation Laboratory is located at the Jadavpur University, India. We are working on the novel CMOS devices specially the multigate architectures for its superior performance compared to the bulk devices. RF modeling of the FinFET and Silicon Nanowire devices is carried out with extensive mathematical and simulation approach. We are also working on the device physics of the flash memory architecture and the effect of the embedded nanocrystals. Other research activities include design of CAM cells in the nanometer regime.